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Women Best Chances of Getting The Job When Competing Against Women

A female candidates chances of being hired are statistically zero if she is the only woman in a pool of finalists.   WOW!  A recent report on job hiring practices found If you are a woman applying for a job, having another woman in the final candidate pool could significantly improve your chances by 50%, according to a recent report. When there is only one woman, she does not stand a chance of being hired, but that changes dramatically when there is more than one, the reports authors wrote in the Harvard Business Review on Tuesday. When there was only one woman or minority candidate in a pool of four finalists, their odds of being hired were statistically zero. But when we created a new status quo among the finalist candidates by adding just one more woman or minority candidate, the decision makers actually considered hiring a woman or minority candidate. The likelihood that a woman would be hired. Photograph: Stefanie Johnson/Courtesy of University of Colorado The report was based on three different studies, conducted by researchers at the University of Colorados Leeds School of Business. In the first study, 144 undergraduate students were deciding between three job candidates some READ MORE…