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Sip Through Time With 130 Years Of Vibrant Coca-Cola Ads

If there’s something we can all consider a constant in American culture at least for the past 120 yearsit’s the ever-popular soda, Coca-Cola. The sweet, caffeinated, and bubbly beverage has been a staple of ball games, lunches, and quick pick-me-ups for decades. The soda first hit the market in 1886 and was originally intended to be a medicine and included coca leaves. But people liked the taste so much that carbonated water was added, making it a hugely popular soft drink with people of all ages. Today, the company is massive and Coke products can be found worldwide. And although there are no longer coca leaves in the mix,the formula for the iconic beverage remains, to this day, a company secret. Because it’s enjoyed such a long and rich history, many people feel a nostalgic pull towards Coca-Cola. It’s yielded some amazing DIY projects for people who love the brand, too, like this homemade Coca-Cola bar made from a vintage television. After all, it’s been a staple since before any of us were born! This year, Coca-Cola turns 130, so we’re taking a look back at some of their most beautiful and historical ads. They’re really little works of art READ MORE…